By Train

To Tokyo station (from Goi station of Ucbibo Line)—-60 min.
To Tokyo station (on Rapid train of Keiyo Line)——-59 min.
To Maihama station (Tokyo Disney Resort) (on Rapid train of Keiyo Line)——55 min.
To Chiba station (Ucbibo Line)————————20 min.
To Narita Airport (on Rapid train of Narita Line via Soubu Line)————-80 min.
From Goi Station West Exit to Hotel ——————6 min. by walk

By Car

To Kaihin-makuhari(Makuhari Messe) ————50 min.
To Narita Airport —————————–70 min.
To Haneda Airport (via Aqua Line)————–50 min.
To Soga I.C. of Keiyo Highway —————–25 min.
To Ichihara I.C. of Tateyama Highway ———-15 min.
To Port Arena ———————————40 min.
To Ichihara-Chuo-Budokan (Ichihara Central Arena) ———30 min.
To Fukuda Denshi Arena ————————30 min.
To Ichihara Rinkai Kyougijo (Ichihara Sea-side Stadium)—-10 min.
To Ichihara Spo-Rec Park (Ichihara Sports & Recreation Park) —20 min.
(Note) I.C. stands for Interchange.

By Highway Bus

To Haneda (from Goi station East Exit) ——–40 min.
To Narita (from Ichihara Parking) ————-50 min.
To Yokohama (from Goi station East Exit) ——60 min.
To Shinjuku (from Ichihara Parking) ———-70 min.